Forget it! Let’s just Elope.

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you’ve uttered this phrase. If you’re currently planning a wedding – you’re saying it more than you thought you ever would… and probably even considering it.

The truth is – it’s quickly becoming the most surefire way to have a wedding these days. We are living in unprecedented times… and when it comes to weddings, it feels like nothing is guaranteed anymore. Some of our couples have changed their date two or three times already. Some venues are hosting wedding ceremonies, but receptions still aren’t allowed… and more and more couples are cancelling all together and shifting gears toward what was a joke at first… but now is becoming a very serious discussion: Should we just say “f*ck it” and Elope?

So let’s unpack this idea!

First let’s talk about the stigma on eloping. In the movies, and on TV, people who elope break hearts in their families. Elopement does NOT mean that your family can’t be involved! It does NOT mean you get married in secret. It just means you have only a couple of guests, if any…. You go to an amazingly beautiful place, and you have a private, secluded, romantic day with the love of your life.

I think now more than ever, people understand and are even getting excited about the idea of eloping. There are a lot of benefits!

You create a stress free day with a timeline that fits just YOU. You don’t have to worry about a ton of vendors, guests, caterers, etc. Elopements really are just about the two of you.

You get to flow through your day at a slow pace focusing more on your love and union, and less on the requirements of a venue, and the procedures of a standard wedding day.

The photos. Ohhhhhhhh the photos…. Standard wedding photography encompasses an entire timeline of events, people, vendors, and at the end of it all, you get roughly 20 to 30 minutes of time to have portraits taken. At your elopement, the possibilities with photography are limitless. Just like a standard wedding, your elopement deserves a full day of well rounded coverage. With an elopement, your photography tells a very unique story focusing less on details, guests, and group photos, and more on each step in your journey. We have the time to guarantee epic images that you will be splashing all over your walls in the form of canvas art that will have everyone who steps into your home in awe of your day… and we can do it at a nice slow pace allowing you to soak in every moment.

If you’ve ever day dreamed about eloping somewhere magical like Yosemite, Joshua Tree or anywhere your heart desires… Just. Do it! This is your time.

Jamie & Aaron did just that. For them, it wasn’t about planning a wedding during covid-19, it was about too much family drama. So they ditched the conventional ideas, and invited just 10 of their closest friends (and us!) to meet them in Arizona to witness their union at a sweet little bodega in the desert. They happened to get married on the bodega’s live music night, and got to dance with their friends to a live band until the bodega closed. Then they all went back to their airbnb to enjoy the rest of the weekend together. Take a look at how perfectly this unconventional plan turned out for them:

Whatever your reason may be – Ask us about photographing your Elopement and making your wedding photography dreams come true.

Visit us at to ask us about our Elopement Photography packages, as well as our Wedding Photography packages. 2021 is filling up fast!

With Love,


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