Our Proposal Story Part 2

We slowly made our way over to the lake. Since it was New Year’s, I decided that I wanted to set some goals for this year. As we walked, I told Dustin I wanted to set three goals: a personal goal, a work goal, and a relationship goal. We started talking a little bit and as I said my relationship goal (to hopefully get engaged this year!) we finally got to the lake.  Dustin faced me out towards the lake and we stood there for a few minutes. There was a feeling of serenity and we looked out at the water. I began to ask Dustin what his relationship goal was… right as I do so, he turns me around and I saw Brianna. This. Was. It. After almost 8 years together – this was finally it. I knew Brianna would be there to photograph our proposal one day and as soon as I saw her walking up, I lost it.

Right as I began crying, Dustin said, “Well, my relationship goal is to propose to your right now. Alex, will you marry me?” Through the ugly tears, I smiled and said “Yes!!” Or at least I think I did. I blacked out a little bit from the shock. My dumb ass was still holding my tea from earlier as he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger. I debated on throwing it into the lake, but I knew I’d never live it down and there’d be photos of that forever *face palm*. So I held me tea and gave my fiancé a huge hug. I couldn’t believe it was finally our turn to get married!!! We called our family and friends right after and celebrated with some champagne! So far, I’m calling this the best day ever. I know that will all change when our wedding day is finally here!

Check out our actual proposal photos capture by Brianna.


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