Our Proposal Story Part 1

I’ve realized I’ve shared so many wedding tips and advice, but I never even share our proposal story! So I thought I’d take some time to rewind and share our story.

On New Years Day, we woke up early and Dustin asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with him at the park where we had our first official date. It was cold as hell and windy. I didn’t really want to go, but I figured I’d just bundle up since we had been talking about going for a while. I told Dustin I was hungry (typical Alex) and asked if he could make breakfast. The wonderful man that he is made me some food while I sat and drank a mimosa. After breakfast, I started to get ready while he cleaned up. I didn’t really feel like doing my makeup but I did want to get a cute photo of us celebrating the New Year and at a spot that is so special to us. I asked him and he said “Whatever you feel like, babe! You don’t need makeup.” I put on my makeup anyways and then we were off to do some errands.

Dustin absolutely hates errands but it was his one day off so we went anyways. We finished them early and he asked if I wanted to go to Target (the magical words for me and the perfect stall for him). For once, I said “no” because I didn’t really feel like walking and freezing my butt off. So instead, I bought myself tea and played Pokemon before we left for the park.

Because Dustin had been asking me for a few weeks to go on this walk, I didn’t really think too much of it. It didn’t seem weird, but the thought did cross my mind. When we pulled up to the park, I realized it was 3:30 – the light was perfect. I knew it was ideal photography time so I looked around to see if I could see Brianna’s car… knowing she would be there one day to photograph our proposal. No car. Ok. It’s not happening. Damn it! So we began our walk to the lake…

I’ll share how it actually went down next week 😉 In the mean time, check out our 5 year anniversary photos photographed by Brianna!


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