My Brain’s Going to Explode

Wedding planning is no joke. Just when i think I have a majority of stuff done, another project comes up. I think what makes it challenging  to plan is that I’m incredibly indecisive and my fiancé is very go-with-the-flow. I constantly get asked “How’s planning going?” and for the most part, it’s been a breeze! We finished booking all of our vendors very early on in our engagement. But now that most of my big projects are done, figuring out the smaller details is where it gets tricky. I never realized how much planning it really takes to make everything “perfect”.

The one thing that has really helped my sanity is hiring a wedding planner. Seriously. It is one of  the best investments, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding like us! There are so many options for planners that range from day-of to full service. They are their to share their knowledge with you and are incredible resources! They can give you recommendations on the best vendors in the area, help keep everything and everyone on task, and and make sure everything runs smoothly so you and your fiancé can relax and enjoy your wedding day together. We don’t feel stressed about the day-of things because we know that we’re in the best hands with her, and with all of the vendors we’ve chosen.

Check out this adorable engagement session photographed by Elaine.


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It’s Back!

It’s officially the start of football season! If you’ve ever had a single conversation with me, then you’d probably know football is my least favorite sport. I personally find it very time consuming and there’s wayyyyy too much stoppage time to make it an enjoyable sport to watch, but that’s a whole different story. But here we are… this season I got wrangled in to playing my first year of fantasy football. Once I told my friends that I joined, they all responded, “Are you serious?! But you hate football…” To be honest, I expected my fiancé to run my lineup, but with him playing three leagues, I’m on my own. So what can we do to make football more enjoyable? Make a bet, of course!

I’m hoping that beginner’s luck is on my side and I’m going to work my butt off to actually win our league. What’s on the line is something I feel more strongly about than my hate for football. So you’re probably asking, “Alex, what on earth could make you actually enjoy football and put an effort into winning your league?!” A PUPPY- THAT’S WHAT. YEP. A-real-life-freaking-puppy is on the line.  The Fiancé really knows how to motivate me. So send your good thoughts, prayers, or positive vibes, my way so I can FINALLY get my puppy! (I guess I’ll share and we can call it ours eventually).

Now back to photography! Check out this adorable engagement session photographed by Brianna.


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