Grab a Cold One

A while back I talked about unity ceremonies and how there are so many different options to “combine” your lives together. Today I have another idea for you from Kristen & Jarred’s wedding at Wedgewood at The Retreat. Beer plays a huge part in their lives. They both love drinking a cold one and exploring new breweries together. So on their wedding day, it was only fitting to share a glass of beer to symbolize their union.

Jarred bought a limited edition beer while on a trip. The brew master created it for his wife in honor of their anniversary, so Jarred saw it fitting to share with his bride on their wedding day. They poured the beer into a glass and shared it together.

Unity ceremonies don’t always have to be lighting candles together; you can use sand, two different types of wine, beer – get creative! The most important thing is to find something that symbolizes and fits the both of you best.

See Kristen and Jarred’s beautiful wedding below photographed by Cara!


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