Remember a while back how I’d promise I’d share my tips with you as I go through the planning process? Well… I’m back with more advice! This week I’ll share some insight on music.

Music has been a STRUGGLE for me. I’m one of those people have extreme music A.D.D. and can hardly get through a song. Road trips with my fiancé are a blast 😜. But anyways, back to wedding music. When curating our playlist, I wanted to make sure I had a few songs that every generation would like. I had my grandparents, parents, and Maid of Honor help me with a few favorites.

I avoided the typical dance music (like the Cha Cha Slide, YMCA, Don’t Stop Believin’ etc.) simply because I hear these songs EVERY single weekend and my brain would explode. So here’s the BEST advice I received from our owner and a past bride (THANKS BRIANNA!): 1. Aim for more genre related music than specifics and 2. Make a “Do Not Play List” and “Must Haves” list. It was like the heavens opened and my life became so much easier! I’m still fine tuning, but I thought I’d share my current list with you!

Check out Kyra & Alex’s adorable engagement session photographed by yours truly!


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