Always Be Prepared

We’ve talked a little bit about preparing an emergency kit for your wedding day, but let’s talk a little bit of what else you should do to be prepared. Today I’ll share two pieces of advice that will be a serious help: timing and a list of contacts.

Creating a timeline is an essential part of your wedding day. It helps not only you, but your wedding party, vendors, and family stay on track for all of the fun you have planned! One of the biggest mistakes that I see in timelines is not leaving enough time for certain events. While venues and planners typically create these, your photographer should also have one for all of the photos you’d like. When I work to create my couples’ timelines, I ALWAYS make sure to leave extra time in for certain events that I know take longer (ie, table rounds and money dance). This allows us to not miss any of the important events. I always recommend doing your cake cutting, bouquet, and garter tosses before open dancing to ensure that you still have everyone’s attention and so that we don’t miss these awesome photos!

Now let’s talk about a contract list. If you hired a planner, they typically have a call sheet with everyone’s name listed. However, if you didn’t, I’d highly suggest keeping a running list with your vendors name, the main contact, and their phone number and/or email. As a worst case scenario, having this list printed and with you on your wedding day will be incredibly helpful. Another suggestion I  tell my couples is to have their maid of honor and best man be the main contact on the wedding day. You likely won’t have your phone on you as you’re getting ready. By designating them to take calls, this ensures that you’ll be stress-free and that they can help handle any issues.

Check out Alyssa & Christian’s wedding photographed by yours truly!


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