It’s so weird to me to be on the other side and planning my own weddings vs. being a photographer of one! I promised I’d share some fun tips with you as I embark on this journey so today let’s talk emergency kits. Being insanely Type A when it comes to planning ahead, I’ve put together some essential items that can come in handy should there be any whoopsies.

  • Sewing kit/safety pins/glue/fashion tape
  • Stain Remover
  • Medicines: Pain reliever/anti-acid/allergy medication
  • Scissors (absolute must for cutting of tags!)
  • Wrinkle release/steamer
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, mints
  • Clear nail polish/nail  glue/file
  • White chalk (hides oil stains and any stains that may get on your dress)
  • Clean white cloth
  • Hair things: bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray, comb
  • Makeup: mirror, q-tips, wipes, lipstick, oil blotting sheets, tweezers, anything you may need for touch ups
  • First aid: hydrocortisone, bandaids, blister blocker, bug spray
  • Snacks, water bottle, energy drink
  • Phone charger
  • ID, cash, check book
  • Notebook & pen
  • Tissues (because DUH)
  • Ring cleaner (THE number one thing! If you have time to get your ring professionally cleaned beforehand, I highly suggest doing so!)

This list could go on forever, but here are things that I’ve found are super useful! Some of these things I keep in my camera bag when I’m photographing weddings – just to be safe. What are some things I’ve missed or you’ve found come in handy during planning? Share them with me!

Now that the seriousness is over, check out this wedding photographed by the talented Rachel at Wedgewood Sierra La Verne.


For more information on wedding photography in Southern California or to get a quote, please visit our website at or give us a call at 657-221-8882.








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