So Trendy

Wedding season is in full swing and it is officially summer!!! YIPPEEEE!!

Trends come and go, but I have a feeling that these bridal trends are here to stay. They add a truly unique element to your wedding day.

  1. Colored Weddings Dresses. A blush or soft hues look so beautiful in photographs. Personally, I love when brides go against tradition and forgo a pure white dress as it can look blue in photos. Ivory or champagne have just a hint of color that look stunning.
  2. Sparkle. Does sparkle every really go out of style? Whether it’s on your dress, your jewelry, or your centerpieces, having something that sparkles helps things to nicely pop against your other details.
  3. Royal. Kate Middleton and Megan Markle both had elegant and timeless wedding looks. The clean and lacey looks are here to stay.
  4. Comfy shoes. Comfort > everything. There are so many designers creating fancy flats or adorable tennis shoes. I’m a HUGE fan of the Kate Spade X Keds collaboration. Sparkles + comfort = winning.

Check out some of these trends from our brides!



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Feels like Summer

It’s finally starting to get warm here in Southern California and I feel SO excited for summer! The hot weather can make weddings feel exhausting, but the summer days off feel so relaxing. When I’m not photographing a wedding or editing, I love sitting by the pool and reading. It’s such a stress reliever and it’s always great to get extra vitamin d!

Since summer is our busiest time of the year, we’ve all learned how important it is to de-stress and take a day fully off. This is SO hard to do sometimes. A lot of time people think that we shoot the wedding and that’s it, but there’s a lot of work that actually go into  the backend of photography. We answer lots of emails, write blogs, work on social media, learn new techniques, backing up files, and edit. It truly is a full time job. Since weddings usually fall on weekends, some of us implement “Holy Monday”. We use that one day to unplug and refresh our minds before starting our next work week. It’s a great cure for the “wedding hangover” we often experience after back-to-back weddings.

Wedding season is officially in full swing. June is our busiest month so we will be sharing a ton of new, beautiful weddings with you!

Check out Kathlyn & Daniel’s engagement session photographed by Elaine. These two love birds tie the knot tomorrow!!


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