The Honeymoon is over… Now What?

The months of planning are over. The best day ever passed. The honeymoon ended. It’s “back to reality”. Now that most of the stress is done, it’s time to think about the last project that is wedding related – printing your photos!!!! One of the most special days of your life shouldn’t just be left sitting on an online archive. While it’s great to be able to share with family and friends instantly, printing your photos is something so special. There’s something unique about being able to hold this heirloom in your hands and share it with future generations. Prints and albums will live on forever.

My most favorite decorations in my house are my canvas prints. To be honest, it’s rare that we look back on the digital images, but the canvases we see every single day. It’s a beautiful reminder of the love we’ve shared.

What many of you don’t know, is that you can actually order prints and albums directly through us! We custom design each piece carefully and to your standards. We don’t want your galleries to sit unlooked at. Ask us more about our services!

Check out Vanessa and Juan’s stunning wedding photographed by yours truly.


For more information on wedding photography in Southern California or to get a quote, please visit our website at or give us a call at 657-221-8882.

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