Camera Shy

Being in front of the camera can be incredibly intimidating. You may have never done photos before or just feel uncomfortable working with a new person. Engagement sessions are the perfect way to gain confidence and feel comfortable in front of the camera. We love to tell clients, “It is our job to make you look and feel most beautiful. You don’t have to do any work! Just have fun!”

We’ll talk as we approach the location, getting to know more about you individually and as a couple. To make you feel comfortable, we like to start with super simple and easy posing. Action shots, like walking or dancing together, help you to have some fun together. After that, we’ll move into more posed images. We like to keep things simple! Throughout your session, you’ll feel posed, but we like to have a natural and playful look. One thing that we suggest is to have a little cocktail before your session (if you drink that is!). This can help with nerves and make you feel relaxed.

Check out this relaxed engagement session photographed by Cara.


For more information on wedding or engagement photography in Southern California or to get a quote, please visit our website at or give us a call at 657-221-8882.

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