What Inspires Us

As a photographer, I also consider myself to be an artist. I’ve spent countless hours in classes and seminars learning how to properly take a photo, how to set up lighting, how to pose, and even a little bit about business. Creativity, however, is not something that I felt I could learn in school. I learned so many technical things that I didn’t get the chance to step out of my comfort zone until my last year of college.

One of my favorite  and most challenging courses was called “Special Studies in Photography”.  We are given a whole semester to think up our own project that focused on strong content and creative ideas. This course was HARD – really hard. It was my first class where I could literally do anything I wanted. But where do I go? What the heck do I create over the next 18 weeks? I felt stumped. My genius professors (shout out to Linda Kroff and Julie Orser!) told us to make lists of what inspire us. So I sat and thought… and then I thought some more. And after even more thinking I eventually figured out what inspired my creativity.

I learned that I feel deeply inspired by poetry, nature, and relationships. These things help me dive into my creativity and create beautiful images that will last a lifetime. The rawness of poetry, the beauty of nature, and the love between two people are things that inspire me to continue growing as an artist.

Check out this super adorable session done by yours truly!affordable-wedding-photography-orange-county-wedgewood-sierra-la-verne-wedding-shy-heart-studios-1.jpg


For more information on engagement or wedding photography in Southern California or to get a quote, please visit our website at www.shyheartstudios.comor give us a call at 657-221-8882.

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