You’re Engaged! Now What? Part 2

By now you’ve probably finished up your dream boards and wrangled a few helpers as suggested from last week’s post.

So what next? Part two of course! The next very important part of planning is to make a list of your priorities with your fiancé and begin budgeting. Try to pick two or three priorities each. You might value photography and your venue while your fiancé might just be all about the food. Selecting priorities will help you to narrow down vendors. It also can help to break down your to do list by working on these tasks together.

Budgeting is probably the most daunting task – especially if you hate math like me! It’s great to start with a ball park number, then divide your budget into different categories such as venue, catering, photography/video, attire, and music. Make sure to also budget for unexpected costs – such as service fees or insurance. But here’s where your priority list will help you!!! Once you’ve broken down the major categories, you can find wiggle room in certain areas to move those to your must haves. Boom!! You did it!!

This blog post could easily go on forever about planning, but maybe I’ll save more for another post in the future 😉

In the mean time, check out this beautiful wedding for inspiration. Photographed by the talented Cara.affordable-wedding-photography-orange-county-wedgewood-at-the-retreat-wedding-shy-heart-studios-1.jpgaffordable-wedding-photography-orange-county-wedgewood-at-the-retreat-wedding-shy-heart-studios-2.jpgaffordable-wedding-photography-orange-county-wedgewood-at-the-retreat-wedding-shy-heart-studios-3.jpg

For more information on wedding photography in Southern California or to get a quote, please visit our website at or give us a call at 657-221-8882

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