Choosing the Right Photographer

You’ve found the one, picked the dress, chosen the venue… now what? It’s time to select your photographer!

When selecting a photographer there are three main components you should possibly consider:

  1. BUDGET – ¬†Budget is a HUGE part of choosing a photographer. One piece of advice I’ve heard is, “Choosing the right photographer can make your $5,000 wedding look like a $25,000 wedding.” Always. Hire. A. Professional. Just because Uncle Bob has a nice camera, that doesn’t necessarily means he knows how to use it like a professional photographer.
  2. STYLE – This is a whole topic in itself. Do you want a natural style? Romantic? Documentary? We work in a romantic style. While we pose our couples, we try to pose them in the most natural way. We aim for posing that appears effortless, yet is actually very calculated. Another aspect of style is editing. We often get asked if we can edit in a grungier, darker style. While this look is beautiful, that is simply not us. We want to give you timeless images. Our work is edited in a way that appears natural; when you look back at your weddings photos, we want it to look exactly like it did on your wedding day!
  3. PERSONALITY – You’re going to be spending 6+ hours with your wedding photographer. Make sure you’re with a photographer that you trust and get along easily with! When we begin the booking process, we send a “Getting to know YOU” survey. This helps us match you with the right photographer for your wedding!

This just touches the bases of what to look for when booking your photographer! Check in next week for another blog to help you through the booking process!

In the mean time, check out Elyse and Michael’s romantic engagement session at Mission San Juan Capistrano photographed by yours truly.affordable-wedding-photography-orange-county-engagement-session-shy-heart-studios-1


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