Love is Sweet!

It’s February 15th. Do you know what that means? Yes, it means that Valentine’s day is over, but it also means that Valentine’s Day candy is on sale at Target (you’re welcome). My favorite type of exercise is walking down the sweets aisle. So when holidays are done, I have a blast searching for some sweet treats. I usually buy a few bags and make different types of cookies with them! And do you know what pairs perfectly with cookies? Ice cream!

Like me, Stacy has a sweet tooth. If you ask her if she wants ice cream, she will always say yes! Stacy and Kyle met while studying on the east coast. Their love brought them to California and the delicious ice cream shop, McConnell’s based in Santa Barbara.  When it was time to propose, Kyle knew that he had to include this special place. He took an empty pint of ice cream and hid a ring inside. Of course, she said “YES!” Their wedding was not complete without McConnell’s. They brought in ice cream all the way from Santa Barbara to make their day extra sweet. Instead of cutting cake, Stacy and Kyle served each other delicious ice cream.

Check out their simply sweet wedding at Wedgewood Upland Hills photographed by yours truly!


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