Getting to know YOU

You’ve found the one, you said yes, now what? It’s time for engagement photos – of course!

We cannot recommend engagement sessions enough! We LOVE getting to know our clients on a personal level. During your engagement session, we love getting to know more about your style and personality. This allows YOU to shine in your photos! Our goal is to capture your love and more importantly, your personality as a couple.

Understanding your personality also helps us on your wedding day to sense the emotions you’re feeling. When you’re stressed, we’re there to help calm you down. When you’re excited, we’re jumping right there with you. We want you to feel comfortable with us! Let’s be honest, sometimes being in front of a camera can be intimidating. We think of engagement sessions as an ice breaker for your wedding day. Since you’re spending 6+ hours with us, we want to make sure you feel absolutely comfortable. You’ll understand our style, posing, and hopefully feel more relaxed in front of the camera. If you’re really nervous about your engagement sessions, we sometimes recommend a small drink to help calm your nerves.

Of course, besides getting to know you, you get beautiful images! Whether you print them, have a sign in album designed, or just share them all of Instagram, you have incredible photos to last a lifetime!

Check out this stunning engagement session photographed by Lauren.


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Love is Sweet!

It’s February 15th. Do you know what that means? Yes, it means that Valentine’s day is over, but it also means that Valentine’s Day candy is on sale at Target (you’re welcome). My favorite type of exercise is walking down the sweets aisle. So when holidays are done, I have a blast searching for some sweet treats. I usually buy a few bags and make different types of cookies with them! And do you know what pairs perfectly with cookies? Ice cream!

Like me, Stacy has a sweet tooth. If you ask her if she wants ice cream, she will always say yes! Stacy and Kyle met while studying on the east coast. Their love brought them to California and the delicious ice cream shop, McConnell’s based in Santa Barbara.  When it was time to propose, Kyle knew that he had to include this special place. He took an empty pint of ice cream and hid a ring inside. Of course, she said “YES!” Their wedding was not complete without McConnell’s. They brought in ice cream all the way from Santa Barbara to make their day extra sweet. Instead of cutting cake, Stacy and Kyle served each other delicious ice cream.

Check out their simply sweet wedding at Wedgewood Upland Hills photographed by yours truly!


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Time of my Liiifeeeeee

Weddings can be SO stressful! Choosing the vendors, THE perfect dress, and varying opinions can add to this stress. Your almost to the finish line, but there’s one last detail… your timeline! The timeline can make or break your wedding day.

Too little time will make you feel rushed. Too much time and guests might get bored between events. Our team works with each couple individually to plan a timeline that best suits their needs. We want to make sure that we capture all of those special moments: from putting on the dress to throwing your bouquet. When we discuss timelines, we love to make sure that you will be able to enjoy each and every moment. We want YOU to remember the details that you worked so hard to put together. We typically leave a little wiggle room in case the inevitable happens and somethings runs behind.  We work with the other vendors to keep you on schedule to capture all of those special moments. After months of planning, we want you to feel at ease and know that we have everything under control!

Check out the beautiful (and well timed!) wedding at Wedgewood at the Retreat photographed by Brianna.

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